Best Five Health Company Insurance



The best health insurance 2017 – From year to year the cost of treatment in Indonesia is increasing, so it is not surprising that many people become unable to get treatment properly. Therefore, to anticipate the cost of treatment in hospitals are increasingly expensive, people are expected to take the insurance. Although there is now insurance from the government such as BPJS, there are good people also follow private insurance. That’s because the insurance from the government there are several types of drugs that are not covered so that the patient must redeem it using his own money. Drugs that are not covered by BPJS drugs with a high price.


PT Prudential Life Assurance

The best health insurance 2017 is first occupied by Prudential. No half-hearted, this insurance was ranked first for 8 consecutive years. The award was given by Money Investor magazine. Prudential was named the best life insurance in Indonesia with assets of more than 15 trillion. Prudential Insurance itself is an insurance company that has been established since 1995. Prudential is in Indonesia is part of Prudential plc, Prudential plc is a financial group based in the UK. In Britain, Prudential has been involved in life insurance for 167 years, after which Prudential expanded its wings in Indonesia.

As of December 31, 2015, this insurance has opened its head office in Jakarta. As for its marketing office spread in several cities such as Medan, Surabaya, Bandung, Batam and Semarang. Prudential customers are very much, recorded until the year 2015 this insurance has customers as much as 2.5 million customers. Customers can join this insurance with the help of marketing staff or insurance agents in the Office of Independent Marketing or KPM. Prudential KPM is already in the city of Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Batam, Bali and almost throughout the archipelago.

Many customers who believe in this insurance due to benefits obtained by customers. Customers can choose health insurance products in the form PRUmajor Medical and PRUhospital Care. For additional insurance, customers can add PRUhospital and Surgical or PHS and also PRUmed. The achievement that has been obtained by this insurance in 2015 in the form of premium income reached 26.9 trillion, the contribution of tabaru funds as much as 2.2 trillion, total assets of 55.9 trillion, funds under management of 45.2 trillion and total claims paid To customers in 2015 of 9.1 trillion.


AXA Mandiri Health Insurance


AXA Mandiri is one of the largest and most reputable insurance companies in Indonesia. Use the name Mandiri because this insurance is owned by Bank Mandiri. AXA Mandiri Insurance claims to be able to provide health insurance with some facilities. Facilities to be provided by AXA Mandiri to minimize the cost of health more expensive, able to undergo medical treatment at the hospital at an affordable cost for every circle
To be able to meet all the needs of the community, AXA Mandiri has a wide range of health insurance products to choose from. In order for the public can get the product in accordance with the needs should ask in advance about the insurance product details. Here is an insurance product that people can choose:


Sinarmas MSIG Insurance


The best health insurance 2017 Third place was occupied by Sinarmas MSIG insurance. Health products which are the mainstay of Sinarmas MSIG insurance is Smile Medical. To get this insurance will be tested first, the insurer will perform underwriting. People who will register this insurance will be asked how much height and weight. If you are obese then the insurer will weigh the registration of the community.
Asuransi Sinarmas MSIG

Many benefits will be obtained by the people who take this insurance such as flexible insurance payments and there is no inner limit. Expenses to be incurred by the insurer is in the form of 7 days before customers do hospitalization and 30 days after completion in care. All maintenance costs will be borne by the insurer. The advantages of this product is that customers can get treatment at any hospital will be accepted.




The other best health insurance is owned by Allianz. Allianz itself is the strongest financial insurer. Allianz has a personal customer of 8.5 million and is also incorporated in the corporation. By 2014 Allianz earns 12.25 billion euros and gains of 10.4 billion euros. The net profit earned by this insurance can be channeled to the shareholder whose profits can reach 6.22 billion Euros.

Asuransi kesehatan terbaik allianz

Salah satu produk yang bisa masyarakat pilih adalah Smart Premier. Simak beberapa manfaat yang bisa nasabah dapatkan berikut ini :


Manulife Indonesia


Of course you are familiar with this one insurance. Manulife is a long-standing insurance in Indonesia. Manulife was in Indonesia in 1985. Just like Prudential, Manulife is the business arm of a Canadian-based group of financial providers. Although originating in Canada but the group operates in Asia, Canada and also in the United States. In Indonesia Manulife offers a wide range of insurance such as life insurance, accident and health insurance, pension funding to individual customers and industry players. Manulife employees as many as 10 thousand and already have many professional agents. The agency is spread across 25 marketing offices. The advantages of Manulife insurance are the following:


Dual room finance system will make it easy for customers to get treatment abroad.